Ranch Il Sole

About the ranch

Welcome to the Ranch Il Sole – the ranch of the sun.

Before all, Ranch Il Sole is a home. Life resides here.


To awaken people’s personal power by inviting them to gather and participate in an intentional loving and sometimes spontaneous process of expression


awareness, expression, harmony, integrity, participation

Ranch Il Sole isn’t a non-profit but it also isn’t for profit. What we do is share the bounty with you. Our passion and our expression is all we have to offer.

People and signs sometime say:

“You can’t get there from here”

Wherever there might be – enlightenment, heaven, truth, sustainability, Bora Bora, Mars, the womb from which you came – there’s no end. All we know is  if you want to get there, there’s doing and being involved. We want to get there from here. We want you to get there from here too.

So if you like what you taste, if you’re inspired by what you see, if you dig our vibe, we’d love for you to vibe and dig with us.


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