Ranch Il Sole


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Sun’s up on Ranch Il Sole and photons are falling hard on this copious Redland wonderland. The light bounces from leaf to leaf. Imaginations get to brimming. So here are a few waves of potentiality imagined for the ranch:

Create purchasing cooperatives for flowing animal and plant energy into a community

Succeeding the ranch’s paradise islands into a edible and medicinal forest

Transforming the half-acre workshop into a functional imagination station for:

– ceramics

– woodwork

– bicycle repair

Whip up a home-scale beer/wine/liqueur making unit

Events. Big, awesome, warm, kumbaya gatherings of the kind:

– film showing

– open mic nights

– poetry readings

– performance art

– exhibits

Educational experiences

– tours

– service-learning projects

– cooking classes

Developing a catalogued ranch library

Bee removal services, including ghost-buster beepacks and hive-making materials

Aquaponics systems that benefit from the on-site pond

Full-fledged biodynamic farming – cow horns, stags bladders and all

More. so much more. you haven’t even shared your ideas…

Participants are welcome, come turn these waves into particles.

Observers, we’ll let you know when and where to look.

Until then friends, do be do

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